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Paris Air Show 2019
Airbus A320 Airbus A320
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Modern Aerospace Manufacturing
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Paris Air Show is a celebration of the innovations in flight. As a world-wide leader in aerostructures manufacturing, Spirit AeroSystems welcomes a global audience to discover Where Flight Begins — where high-skilled engineers and manufacturers create, design and build what’s next. Discover how Spirit AeroSystems is creating more efficient and powerful solutions for defense, commercial and business aviation.

"Spirit AeroSystems is the only manufacturer in the world to offer the most advanced capabilities, industry-leading efficiencies and large-scale fabrication capacity — all at once."
Tom Gentile, President & CEO, Spirit AeroSystems



22 Months

Design to Assembly V-280 Fuselage


Shipsets Delivered in 2018


Aviation Experts Worldwide

The future of defense
The Future of Defense

Spirit AeroSystems is leveraging engineering leadership, recognized design-build capabilities and quality practices to bring innovation to defense. Spirit is proud to be a key part of Team Valor, designing and building the composite fuselage for the V-280 Valor for Bell Helicopter in just 22 months.

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The future of defense
Where Flight Begins
Where Flight Begins

At Spirit, we imagine, design and manufacture some of the world’s most complex aerostructures. Spirit AeroSystems defines and energizes modern aerospace manufacturing through a culture of uncompromising quality and continuous innovation, applying new technologies, methods and solutions to commercial, defense and business aviation companies and beyond.

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Where Flight Begins
Boeing Poseidon Boeing Poseidon

Accelerating Production

As air travel increases, so does the demand for new aircraft. As one of the world’s largest tier-one suppliers, Spirit AeroSystems is answering industry demand by delivering increased production output. Spirit delivers quality, safe products on time and on budget by integrating innovative processes and new technology on the factory floor. Discover more about Accelerating Production.

Engineering the Future

As a world-class research and development business, Spirit engineers work alongside OEMs on new product development. The ability to design, modify and continually improve components allows Spirit to pass on benefits — such as strength-to-weight advantages and lower costs — to customers. It also helps ensure the seamless integration of components into final assemblies. Discover more about Engineering the Future.

Advancing Composites

Spirit AeroSystems is a recognized industry leader in advanced composite manufacturing, building large, complex composite parts and structures quickly and at a competitive cost. Spirit offers proven knowledge and experience to adapt composite materials for use in fuselage, nacelle and wing structures. Discover more about Advancing Composites.

Factory Optimization

Imagining and developing the factory of the future is an ongoing, day-to-day reality at Spirit. The future is taking shape through the company’s development of automated processes, Spirit-developed patented processes and a significant commitment to integrating research findings into practical solutions. Discover some of the key processes and technologies Spirit is bringing to the industry. Discover more about Factory Optimization.

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