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Good Neighbor Fund kickoff with Tom Gentile & union representatives. Good Neighbor Fund kickoff with Tom Gentile & union representatives.

Where Flight Begins

Spirit Corporate Values

Spirit AeroSystems operates according to three key values that enable the company to meet commitments to all stakeholders — employees, customers, suppliers, investors and communities.


Being open, honest and respectful with communication; sharing ideas and building trust by making intentions clear.


Aligning actions with others; working together to achieve the best outcomes.


Encouraging the best from others; leading by example to ensure innovation is a component of success.
Collaboration in workplace, two people in plant.

A Trusted Partner

Adopting and incorporating Spirit values into day-to-day tasks and activities enables the company to be a Trusted Partner. Practicing transparency, collaboration and inspiration—individually and collectively—allows Spirit to be customer focused, provide on-time delivery, maintain and improve quality and ensure safety for all. These are the foundational outcomes that make Spirit a success which is why Spirit President and CEO Tom Gentile is proud to call these four elements, “Spirit’s DNA.”

Diversity in the workplace, three workers in plant.

Celebrating Diversity

At Spirit, the definition of diversity goes beyond race, gender and age. It considers all the unique qualities each employee brings to the business—job experience, travel and cultural experiences, education and training, and much more.

Diversity Drives Innovation

Spirit is committed to promoting diversity not only because it is the right thing to do, but because greater diversity results in greater innovation and growth. People who come from different backgrounds have different ways of seeing the world. Combining those perspectives helps Spirit find new ways to solve problems and innovate for the future.

Spirit maximizes the power of diversity in people, knowledge and technology by:

  • Attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce
  • Recognizing and respecting the diversity of the marketplace
  • Working and partnering with vendors from a diverse supplier base

For more about how Spirit defines and champions diversity, click here.

Building Community

Spirit is proud to be a global company with locations in vibrant communities around the world. As a company, Spirit is committed to enhancing the quality of life for employees and the community at large and makes significant professional, personal and financial investments everywhere Spirit is located. Learn more about Spirit’s commitment to community.

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