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Milled aluminum component preocessed with primer for Boeing 777 fuselage. Milled aluminum component preocessed with primer for Boeing 777 fuselage.

Where Quality Begins

Creating Customer Value

Spirit AeroSystems is delivering efficiencies by offering the right automated technology at the most effective points of production. Spirit also maximizes value by offering multiple areas of expertise in one location. At Spirit’s headquarters, for instance, projects can be managed with one purchase order, all the way from design to delivery.

Auto fastening on Integrated Panel Assembly Cell (IPAC) where Boeing 737 structure is joined to the skin.

Fabrication Efficiencies

Spirit creates complex parts economically by combining high-speed automation with the power of some of the world’s most highly skilled workers. The result: increased affordability for customers.

High-Quality Assurance

Today’s aerostructures industry needs high-value, high-quality parts provided at affordable costs, which Spirit provides. Spirit’s investments in the most advanced 3-, 4- and 5-axis machines deliver impressive results.

Processing Savings

At Spirit, quick turns are simply the normal course of business and customers receive savings due to the company’s scale and capabilities. The level of technology and investments in automation are creating unmatched value for Spirit customers.

One-Stop Shop

Spirit delivers efficiencies in machining, assembly and processing, all in one location. There’s no need to ship from one facility to another, which means no double handling, no double inspections, reduced risk of damages and no need to manage multiple suppliers.

Workers on Boeing 737 metallic fuselage assembly line during integration.
“Smart automation enables Spirit to deliver processing more efficiently and effectively. It’s simply more affordable for everyone.”
Kevin Matthies, Senior V.P. Global Fabrication

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