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Boeing KC-46A Pegasus aerial image. Boeing KC-46A Pegasus aerial image.

Value in Leveraged Experience

With more than nine decades designing and building aircraft, Spirit AeroSystems is leading the way in applying commercial best practices to the defense industry. From yesterday’s successes in commercial derivatives to tomorrow’s all-new, next-generation designs, Spirit’s defense diversification is bringing commercial efficiencies and innovations to the military market, helping to modernize military aircraft more quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining superior quality.

Applying Research to Defense

Spirit AeroSystems is a non-OEM manufacturer with an OEM-style focus and investment in research and development. Spirit R&D has identified seven areas of development poised to transform both commercial and defense aircraft. Take a quick look at the technology side of defense manufacturing.

Cost Competitive

Applying commercial best practices to defense projects yields significant cost benefits. Spirit is demonstrating that ability with current military work, delivering competitive advantages through efficiencies of scale, process engineering and quality assurance measures.

Infrastructure and Compliance

For defense work, Spirit has fully compliant physical environments, employee clearances and a strict adherence to all security protocols.

Efficiencies of Scale

Spirit’s breadth and depth of manufacturing experience continue to deliver proven quality assurance and improved processes. When these best practices are leveraged for defense programs, military customers benefit from a more robust, cost-effective and reliable product.

Rates of Production

With high-volume, high-rate quality production as the company standard, Spirit brings a sense of urgency to every project. Fast-changing demands and emerging threats are met with design-build innovation for rapid deployment and reliability.

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