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Growth in Flight. Commercial air travel is expected to surpass seven billion passengers by 2035, accelerating the need for new aircraft to meet demand and replenish aging fleets. Few companies will play a more vital role in the supply chain that produces these aircraft than Spirit AeroSystems.

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The World’s Leading Independent Manufacturer

Spirit AeroSystems is one of the world’s largest non-OEM manufacturers of complex structures for the commercial aerospace industry. Spirit offers complete program capability — from design and development to production, delivery and MRO. Spirit designs, develops and manufactures fuselage systems, propulsion systems and wing systems. Explore the many programs and customers Spirit supports, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Mitsubishi and Rolls-Royce.



737 Shipset Delivered in 2018


Planes Needed in the Next 20 Years


Boeing 737 Shipsets per Month


A320 Shipsets per Month

Spirit AeroSystems corporate video.
Demand Driving Growth

Unprecedented commercial aviation growth directly translates into record orders from Spirit customers. In Kinston, North Carolina, where Spirit fabricates composite structures for the Airbus A350, production rates have doubled in the last several years. In Prestwick, Scotland, the Airbus A320 rates have risen to more than 50 a month. These rate increases demand greater efficiencies, quality and overall factory performance. Spirit is meeting these demands with investments in technology, automation and custom tooling solutions.

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Spirit AeroSystems corporate video.

Seamless Factory Integration

Spirit AeroSystems is focused on factory-to-factory and customer-to-customer communication, collaboration and transparency for five of the world’s largest commercial aircraft OEMs. Discover the ways Spirit works in lock step with Airbus, Boeing and others.

Superior Engineering Capability

Spirit AeroSystems offers true developmental engineering, not just the drafting or modifying of existing designs. This is an exceptional ability and one not common among tier-one aerospace manufacturers. Spirit offers high-end developmental engineering to help OEMs create completely new solutions and off load design as needed.

Rate Readiness

As commercial aircraft production demand continues to increase, Spirit AeroSystems is developing efficiencies at every step of the manufacturing process. Integrated teams, quality assurance and rapid response operations are ways Spirit continues to power greater production, with Spirit’s highly skilled and dedicated workforce leading the way.

Factory Automation

Investments in new and upgraded technology include robotics and other automated manufacturing processes. These new machines ensure greater precision and consistency for components delivered to the world’s leading commercial aircraft programs.

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