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Spirit employee working on Boeing 777 nacelle. Spirit employee working on Boeing 777 nacelle.

Where Success Begins

Meeting Commercial Demand

As one of the largest independent, non-OEM commercial designers and manufacturers in the world, Spirit AeroSystems delivers fuselage, propulsion and wing systems to Airbus, Boeing and other commercial and business aircraft companies. Spirit is unique not only due to the company’s size and non-OEM status but also its industry-leading engineering capabilities, including design, analysis, testing, certification and tooling. As demand for commercial aircraft continues to increase, Spirit is meeting the challenge for both design and manufacturing.

Airbus A220

(formerly Bombardier C Series)

Since 2009, Spirit has designed and built the pylon for the Airbus A220 commercial jet (formerly Bombardier C Series). In addition to the pylon, the work package for both the CS100 and CS300 aircraft models includes systems, strut-to-wing hardware and the aft fairing package.