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Spirit AeroSystems and Norsk Titanium Usher in Cost-Effective 3D Printing

A partnership between Spirit AeroSystems and Norsk Titanium to produce OEM-qualified, additive-manufactured structural titanium components will translate to reduced cost and environmental impact, benefitting customers and Spirit home communities. The opportunity comes at a time when Spirit is seeking to expand workflow to complement already existing conventional machining processes.

The Norsk technology uses patented Rapid Plasma Detention (RPD), revolutionizing the 3D printing process to produce near net parts that could eventually comprise up to 30-percent of Spirit’s manufactured components. As aircraft manufacturers continue to look for ways to both increase quality and decrease costs, titanium will become an even more pivotal resource in parts production. Because titanium is lower maintenance and more durable than aluminum, some newer models of aircraft, in both commercial and defense, already contain between 14- and 30-percent titanium. With Norsk’s RPD technology it is possible to use 25- to 75-percent less titanium than with standard forging processes, significantly reducing production costs while maintaining superior quality.

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