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Spirit opens 5-axis machining Center of Excellence

Spirit AeroSystems has unveiled the first of two centers of excellence focusing on the fabrication of complex commercial and military aircraft parts. The facility, located on the company’s headquarters campus in Wichita, Kan., will accommodate new work in the global aerostructures market while also supporting current customer contracts.

VIDEO: Spirit's 5-Axis Grand Opening Celebration

The purchase and installation of new equipment in the 20,000 square-foot facility began in 2017, augmenting the company’s existing capabilities as one of the world’s largest fabricators of aerospace parts. Spirit offers customers a wide range of solutions including machining, skin and sheet metal fabrication and chemical processing.

The new Five-Axis Center of Excellence in Wichita will utilize high-speed technology to specialize in large, complex soft metal parts for fuselage, pylon and wing structures.

Spirit’s fabrication capability spans more than 2.6 million square feet and produces more than 38,000 parts daily. The company leverages one of the largest automated lines in the world to reliably offer high-volume and high-velocity processing.

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