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Find Your Success at Spirit

Every day, millions of people travel on aircraft Spirit AeroSystems helped build and we take that responsibility seriously. Quality, craftsmanship and pride are built into every structure we design and manufacture. Spirit is growing and looking for talented people in engineering, manufacturing and other functional support areas to join our team.

Constant Communication with Rachel Williams, employee highlight video.
Constant Communication

For Rachel Williams in Spirit Corporate Communications, the fast-paced reality of Spirit projects means unending opportunities to share the latest news with internal and external audiences. Working with all areas of the business, Rachel's career at Spirit offers many ways to grow professionally.

Constant Communication with Rachel Williams, employee highlight video.
Professional Pride with Brian Coward, employee highlight video.
Professional Pride

Brian Coward is a key part of the production for the Airbus A350 and enjoys the "high stakes" nature of advanced aerospace at Spirit. The unique, changing and challenging environment offer compensation to match and, from Brian's technically-trained eye, the fact that no two days are alike is a big plus.

Professional Pride with Brian Coward, employee highlight video.
New Ideas Welcomed with Manoj Panthi, employee highlight video.
New Ideas Welcomed

Manoj Panthi didn't begin his career at Spirit in research and development, but that's where he is now. Manoj wants others to know that Spirit offers opportunities to grow based on matching employees' interests, capabilities and accomplishments with talent needs throughout the company. Working with the latest material advances in aerospace, including composites and resins, Manoj is enjoying the chance to be "Where Flight Begins."

New Ideas Welcomed with Manoj Panthi, employee highlight video.

Robotics operator on Boeing 737 line in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Keys to Success at Spirit

If you are looking for a demanding career with equally rewarding outcomes, look to Spirit AeroSystems. Our strong company leadership, a commitment to a growth philosophy and well-defined values create a culture of responsibility and achievement. It’s important to explore the ways your talent and skills can align with the Spirit workplace. Here are five secrets to success at Spirit.

1. Live the Values — More than statements on a wall, our core values drive all we do, including employee conduct. At Spirit, good communicators and team players are naturally those who inspire others. Learn more here.

We are open, honest and respectful with communication. We speak up to share ideas and build trust by making our intentions clear.

We align our actions with others. We work together to achieve the best outcomes in everything we do.

We encourage the best from each other. We lead by example to ensure innovation is a component of our success.

2. Be Driven — Aerospace manufacturing is exciting and demanding. As a result, the work environment at Spirit AeroSystems is fast-paced, requiring employees who are dedicated, committed and motivated to produce the highest-quality work possible. 

3. Embrace Diversity — Spirit AeroSystems’ culture is built on an all-inclusive environment in which employees’ diverse perspectives are valued and used to benefit the company as a whole. At Spirit, diversity is key to success. Learn more here.

4. Show Your Strength — Modern manufacturing is equal parts muscle and technology, and some jobs at Spirit can be physically demanding. If you are someone who enjoys creating with your mind or working with your hands, many opportunities for success are here.

5. Give Back — Employees at Spirit are very involved in volunteering in the community. The company focuses on supporting organizations and programs that bring people together, especially those that enhance quality of life and help solve local problems. Learn more here.


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