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Welcoming Aerospace Alumni

If you used to work for Spirit AeroSystems, you are part of an elite group of talent. Your hard work and contributions are part of our current and future success. We invite you to stay in touch with Spirit, keep connected to coworkers, contribute to your community and consider returning as a contract employee to pass along knowledge and skills to new generations of Spirit workers.

Spirit Aerosystems alumni workers group image.

From Retired to Rehired

Sometimes the best person for the job is someone who understands more about the position than anyone else could — a former employee. Spirit is welcoming back former exemplary employees to teach, train and mentor. Help fill current employment gaps and share your workplace wisdom in either full- or part-time positions.

Discover Volunteer Opportunities

Spirit AeroSystems is committed to making a positive impact in all communities we serve. If you are a former employee with available time and a heart for service, we welcome you. Becoming a Spirit volunteer is a rewarding way to use extra time and energy giving to the community and helping others learn about the community of Spirit.

To learn about volunteer opportunities with Spirit, please register with the HR Service Center. By helping Spirit understand your areas of interest and availability, we can match you to upcoming events and activities.

Contact Jennifer. Marshall at +1 (316) 526-2651 for information on volunteer opportunities.

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