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Aerospace Innovation Centre 

The Spirit AeroSystems Aerospace Innovation Centre (AIC) will showcase Spirit’s distinctive capabilities as a global centre for design and digital manufacturing of current and future aircraft.  The AIC will create a focal point to collaborate, innovate, train and develop skills for today and tomorrow.

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Key Objectives

  • Develop advanced architectures and manufacturing concepts to enable the anticipated requirements of future aircraft for performance, cost and rate 
  • Secure a step change in composite fabrication, automation and assembly technologies by fully exploiting the digital thread through the entire production process
  • Fully de-risk the development process to enable a high rate repeatable manufacturing process from the first ship set introduction 
  • Re-engineer the end-to-end process to collapse the development lifecycl
  • Engage and collaborate with industrial, research, academic and supply chain partners around an ‘open access’ philosophy  

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