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Ethics & Compliance

2019 Spirit AeroSystems (France) Gender Professional Equality Index 


Spirit AeroSystems France SARL (“Spirit”) values our employees and the contribution they make. We pay all of our employees commensurate with the market for the position they are in and their unique skills, experience as well as their performance and contribution. Spirit employees enjoy a working environment where there are equal opportunities for everyone to fulfil their potential and contribute to the success of the business, irrespective of gender.

Nature of Business 

Spirit is the wholly owned subsidiary of Spirit AeroSystems, Inc., a global company.  Spirit’s customers include Airbus and Boeing.  Spirit designs, develops, and manufactures complex structures for the aerospace industry. Spirit’s manufacturing facility is located in Montoir de Bretagne, France. We also have a few employees working at Airbus facilities in Toulouse.


Spirit had 116 employees taken into account to calculate the index in 2019, comprising of various skill-sets including quality, SCM, engineering, support function, as well as a highly skilled manufacturing population. 

Our workforce is predominately male: 100 male (86%) for 16 female (14%). In 2019 we hired a total of 16 new permanent employees whose 4 female (25%).

We struggle finding female employees in production where we do most of our hiring.

Index calculation

In 2019, due to the fact that our female population is not fully represented in the different categories of employees, we are not able to calculate our Index.

We will explore thorough 2020 and beyond, all avenues possible to promote our Company and show our commitment to see gender balance at all levels resulting in our ability to calculate our index in 2021 and going forward.

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