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Boeing Program Production Suspension Extended

On Sunday, April 5, Boeing announced an extension of the temporary shutdown of its operations in Washington state.

As a result of the customer’s announcement, Spirit is assessing the re-start of our Boeing programs that was planned for April 8.

On Monday, April 6, Spirit will continue to operate as it has since the company suspended most of its Boeing operations:

  • Operations in support of our defense customers, Airbus and other growth programs will continue with those employees working their regular schedules
  • Employees working on the 787 Program and those called back for other work on site, should continue reporting to work
  • Employees who have been working from home should continue to do so as well
  • Employees who were sent home when Spirit suspended work on Boeing programs and have not been reporting to work, should remain at home.

We will have further announcements tomorrow about work over the coming weeks once we have discussed the situation with our customer.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate through this extremely difficult and challenging time.

To view the announcement, click on tis link: Boeing Extends Temporary Suspension of Puget Sound Production Operations

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