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How the Spirit’s Distinctive Capabilities Will Shape the Aircraft of the Future

Spirit AeroSystems has built a reputation as a global manufacturing powerhouse, and not without good reason. But pivotal to that success is the story of Spirit’s Research and Technology, a leading factor in the growth of innovative manufacturing that happens every day at Spirit.

At the center of R & T at Spirit are a set of seven concepts called Distinctive Capabilities. These concepts help to define focus for innovation and set the agenda for future developments. Over the next few months, this blog will take a deeper look at the ideas behind Spirit’s Distinctive Capabilities, and the processes that take an idea from R & T to production, and from production to flight. Here are the key topics that will be explored:

  • Differentiated Performance Architecture
  • Material Systems Optimization
  • Product Development
  • Fabrication: Metallics
  • Fabrication: Composites
  • Tooling
  • Accelerated Learning Curve

From concrete practices like fabrication and tooling, to concepts that define the future of aircraft development, Spirit’s Research and Technology is Where Flight Begins, before it begins. Stay tuned for more.

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