Spirit makes donation to bolster Salvation Army transitional housing program

Spirit AeroSystems has donated $10,000 toward meeting a matching grant to help offset the loss of federal funding for the Salvation Army’s transitional housing program in Wichita.

Spirit SVP of Operations, Ron Rabe (right), present the Spirit grant to the Salvation Army.
Spirit SVP of Operations, Ron Rabe (right), present the Spirit grant to the Salvation Army.

In May, the Salvation Army in Wichita was notified it would lose federal funding for its transitional housing program effective June 1. Despite the loss of funding, the Salvation Army has continued to provide transitional and emergency housing services while looking for an alternative funding source.

“It’s the right thing to do for those in our community who need short-term help,” said Wichita Salvation Army Major Joseph Wheeler. “In fact, we’re looking for ways we can help even more to provide more shelter and emergency housing needs for those in the Wichita area.”

During the search for funding and program changes, the Salvation Army received a promise of an anonymous matching grant of $50,000 if the organization could raise an additional $50,000.

Spirit’s Senior Vice President of Operations Ron Rabe made Spirit’s commitment of $10,000 toward meeting the matching grant during the Salvation Army’s 2016 Civic Event in August.

“Giving back to our communities is what we do as Spirit AeroSystems,” Rabe said. “We all know someone who has benefited from a Salvation Army program and being able to give back to support a program aimed at helping people overcome adversities in their lives is one of our core company values.”

Moving forward, the Salvation Army plans to use the grant money to change its transitional housing service to a three-prong approach that will provide emergency housing, rapid-rehousing and dual diagnosis. The Salvation Army expects these changes to double the number of nights of shelter currently provided in the Wichita area from 10,000 to 20,000 nights per year.

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