Extensive 5-axis and 3- and 4-axis Machining

5-axis machining capabilities for complex fuselage, pylon and wing structures. Offering high-speed aluminum fabrication up to 23 feet, seat track machining and extensive hard metal capabilities that utilize leading edge cutting technology.

3- and 4-axis machining with a range of hard metal capabilities and multi-spindle machines, able to work with customers to manufacture quality parts, with industry leading cycle times, to optimize total cost.

  • Center of Excellence in Hard & Soft Metals Machining
    • 5-axis Multiple Assets – working envelope range  30”x33” to 276”x106”
    • 3- & 4-axis Multiple Assets – working envelope range  41”x20” to 1200”x165”
  • High Precision Bore: Tight tolerance 0.0005”
  • Cutter Service Center: Tool engineering, tool inspection, reconditioning, laser engraving, special builds

Square Footage 588,923
Machine Quantity 102
Part Numbers ~6,000



  • Small-to-Large Complex
    Machined Parts
  • Precision Bore / Drill
  • Cutter Servicing
  • Bluestreak
  • Hard Metal Processing
Core Products

  • Window Frames
  • Seat Tracks
  • Complex Pylon Components
  • Monolithic Floors