Spirit ExactTM comprises many processes in a variety of areas including product design and analysis, tool design and analysis, part and assembly fabrication, and requirement verification.

Spirit ExactTM is the process by which Spirit AeroSystems manufactures products at the highest quality for the lowest cost to meet the customer’s requirements on time. Spirit Exact comprises many processes in a variety of areas including product design and analysis, tool design and analysis, part and assembly fabrication, and requirement verification. Among the practices used to achieve Spirit’s quality, cost and delivery objectives are:

0802628-012_tech_farhad_368x120• Requirements management (systems engineering)
• Relational design
• Spatial integration
• Knowledge Based engineering
• Dimensional management
• Determinant assembly
• Statistical process control

Two key factors that figure significantly in reducing tooling costs are dimensional management and determinant assembly. Although dimensional management, a design and analysis method, improves all typical aerospace design/build/verification processes, Spirit AeroSystems specializes in using it to enable and verify the use of determinant assembly, a technique that can greatly reduce the need for and cost of assembly tooling.

0901744-009_tech_builduparches_368x120In a product designed with this technology, detailed features such as holes, surfaces and slots provide for "self-location" of parts during assembly. The process minimizes or eliminates the need for part-locating tools and jigs as well as the cost, time and maintenance associated with them.

Spirit Exact is used in both metal and composite product design and manufacturing.

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