We're always interested in finding competent, innovative, reliable resources that will help us achieve our goal of continually elevating our own quality and level of performance for our customers.

Supplier Diversity Vision, Mission and Commitment

Spirit recognizes the importance of supplier diversity in our procurement practices by:

  • Creating sound business relationships and partners
  • Strengthening economic development opportunities for small and minority businesses
  • Providing a value-added strategy that enhances competition within our supplier base

To lead the most effective supplier diversity program within the aircraft industry, providing economic growth for capable diverse suppliers.

Spirit is committed to the development of small and diverse suppliers by:

  • Creating a quality process with an action plan to achieve
  • Seeking new and innovative means to utilize small and diverse suppliers
  • Establishing cost-effective relationships between Spirit and our diverse supplier base
  • Ensuring compliance with government regulations and the Small Business Administration (SBA) office.

We want you to know
We understand the importance of leveraging external partnerships (Supplier Diversity base) through corporate citizenship. This connects the company with dealers, suppliers, community-based and professional organizations, schools and universities, government and regulatory agencies, and the media for the benefit of the communities where we do business.

By helping diverse businesses grow and also partner with through contracting opportunities, products and services it will allow Spirit AeroSystems to grow at the same time.

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