A 99 percent quality rating and a 98.5 percent delivery rating are expected and must be maintained.

Basic Quality Requirements of a Supplier

A requirement to becoming a production hardware supplier for Spirit is AS9100 certification. Having this certification demonstrates your company's ability to meet Spirit's quality requirements for building aircraft-worthy parts. The requirements do not end with this certification. On-site supplier assessments will be conducted by the Supply Base Management Team before contract award and throughout the duration of delivery of product from your facility. A 99 percent quality rating and 98.5 percent delivery rating are expected and must be maintained to be considered for any future business opportunities.

AS9100, Quality Management Systems – Aerospace – Requirements, certified quality system is required.
The certified third-party registrar must be approved through and listed in the IAQG OASIS database:

link_iconIAQG OASISdatabase

Special Process Requirements are Dependent on Specific Customer Requirements.
Minimum requirement for Special Processors would be NadCap approval.

link_iconNADCAP web site

All parts must have First Article Inspection and documentation per AS9102, Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirement, guidelines.

Supplier Use of Spirit AeroSystems Inc. Digital Data (CAD/CAM/CMS) 
Many Spirit AeroSystems supplier contracts involve the distribution and use of Spirit provided digital data (CAD/CAM and CMS Systems). Note: Previous data distribution may have utilized 2-D drawings and product data (paper copies).

pop-up_iconDigital Data Requirements

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