A Spirit Supplier Introduction process is designed to match our requirements with the key supply resources.

Spirit AeroSystems needs suppliers that are highly focused on their own core competencies, striving to create additional value in everything they do. In addition to traditional detail machine shops, we are looking for proven suppliers with experience in composites and assemblies. We also welcome small and diverse companies who can bring innovation, flexibility and strength to our supply base. Additionally, non-production suppliers are always needed to provide services and products that don’t actually go on our end products, and are encouraged to also submit their profile online.



Becoming a Supplier Partner


The first step in being considered as a supplier partner is to complete a Rapid Request for Information questionnaire.  Please feel free to fill it out and submit it according to the instructions. Data captured from the questionnaire is uploaded into a Spirit database and is used as a resource for supplier capabilities. Before generating a request for quote (RFQ), a query of the database is performed to search for a match of our sourcing needs. We also welcome information from your company by email or mailed brochure.  Included within these should be equipment lists, web site and contact information.


These items may be sent to:
 Supplier Development
 Mailcode K16-19
 Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.
 P.O. Box 780008
 Wichita KS,  67278-0008
 E-mail: Supplier Development



Doing Business with Spirit AeroSystems




Our commitment to steady, long-term improvement in our products and processes is the cornerstone of our business strategy. Maintaining customer satisfaction and enhancing overall value must be a mutual goal of not only Spirit AeroSystems, but also its suppliers. To achieve this objective, we must continuously work together to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of our design, manufacturing, administrative and support organizations.

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