Spirit AeroSystems Integrated Product Teams have designed and fabricated some of the world's most advanced tools.

Our design-to-delivery approach to tooling is among the key factors that provide an extraordinarily precise and efficient means to manufacture components of the very highest quality for our customers. To every tooling project, we bring more than 60 years of tool-fabrication experience and a 20-year history of working with suppliers in the direct support of manufacturing facilities.


When you team with Spirit, our state-of-the-art solutions will enable you to create your own lean, innovative solutions. We will reduce your time to market. And by designing your production system employing the latest technology from Spirit, you will need fewer tools, which will lead to lower cost.

From concept to completion and beyond, throughout the life cycle of every product, our customers can be confident that Spirit AeroSystems brings the knowledge, processes and hardware to put the tools in place that will advance the creation of those products.

A partial list of our capabilities includes tool design, CNC programming, machining, composite, aluminum and invar tooling, along with integration systems to support any number of aerospace requirements. This rich expertise base has enabled us to lead the industry with real-world, proven innovations. Among those innovations are the cutting-edge composite tooling technologies created for the 787 program. With our work on the 737 Next-Generation, we were the first to use precision detail tooling for determinate assembly -- and with our activity on the 777 program, we introduced the world to “gageless” aircraft tooling.

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